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Careline-linked Smoke Detector

Careline-linked Smoke Detector

  • Automatically alerts our designated call centre
  • Audible fire alert can be supplemented with a flashing beacon or a vibrating pad to help people with hearing impairment
Cost of device£49.99
Monthly service cost£0.00
Shipping cost *£6.50
* waived if purchased with a personal alarm
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When activated, a local alarm will sound and an alarm call will be transmitted to the call centre via the personal alarm unit. Experienced careline staff will speak with the resident and assess the risk before contacting Emergency Services.

What you need to order this service
  • Photoelectric sensor / 85 dB sounder
  • Hush/Test button & status LED indicator
  • 10 years detector life (including battery)
  • Daily battery self-test & low battery reporting
  • Dimensions: 86mm diameter x 58mm deep
  • Complies with BS EN 14604:2005 / Smoke Detector
  • Should be purchased along with one of our personal alarms
  • We will pair it with the personal alarm unit before dispatching