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Lifeline Vi Personal Alarm
Lifeline Vi Personal Alarm
Setup cost£45.00
Service cost
per month
30 day money back guarantee
Made in the UK
In-Touch Mobile Personal Alarm
In-Touch Mobile Personal Alarm
Cost of device£105.00
Service cost
per month

Our personal alarms for the elderly, disabled and those who want peace of mind are some of the smallest, lightest and most reliable systems available. Our 24/7 care line covers the whole UK and is here to offer you and your loved ones peace of mind - all of the time.


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Why choose us?
We're proud of our 5-star rating in the Trading Standards Buy With Confidence scheme. As of December 2011:
  • 100% of our clients believe the quality of our service is very good
  • 100% believe the level of our customer service is very good
  • 100% believe our service is good value for money
  • 100% will recommend us to a friend
With our 24/7 Care Line, you can be assured that:
  • You or a loved one can always summon help
  • We'll provide round-the-clock monitoring and support without being intrusive or overbearing
  • Emergency services will be summoned when required
  • You or your carers are kept informed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Our designated call centre is manned by trained staff, with specific and personalised response processes

You only need to press your pendant to be connected within seconds to our 24/7 Care Line. Some of our devices don't even need to be pressed: they'll sense a fall, and activate automatically when required. Additionally, our system can remind you about important routines, including medication prompts or medical appointments.